How to Child Proof Your Hotel Room

Taking a road-trip with a young child can be very stressful. You may be relieved to arrive at a hotel but it is not yet time to let down your guard.  Before settling in for the evening, you will want to make sure you take all the necessary precautions to protect your child and the hotel room from any damage that could occur. Even though the hotel room can be small, injuries or damage can happen very quickly. Consider taking these precautions on your next hotel stay.

Remove hotel supplied items

The first task you will to do is to move any hotel items that can be opened and spilled. This will include items such as the tiny hotel soaps and shampoos. You will want to move them out of reach. Also move any other items that the hotel may supply you, such as a sewing kit or shower cap and place them somewhere safe. Check the dresser drawers as well for any items that could have been accidently left behind and missed by the cleaning staff. Many hotels will also have notepads and pens that will need to be put away as well.

Pack safety items

Bring along a pack of electrical outlet plugs. Hotel wall outlets can be a little tricky to find so make sure to do a thorough search. Also, don’t forget about outlets that may be on lamps on night stands next to the beds. Bring a pack of corner protectors for any sharp corners on the hotel furniture. Purchase protectors that can be removed without leaving any residue behind, such as these. Keep an eye on wall air conditioner/heater settings. The knobs and buttons may look like a fun toy to a young child.

Create a play and sleep area

Consider using luggage to block off a play and sleep area. Using this strategy will depend on your child’s climbing ability. Using luggage and items you already have packed will be easier than needing to pack and bring in extra gates or a play pen. At minimum it may be a good idea to keep the bathroom door shut at all times to reduce the area a child can wander.

Check windows and doors

Ensure that the front door can be locked with a deadbolt so a child cannot open it. Also make sure that all windows and patio doors are locked and can’t be opened enough for a child to squeeze through. Using a sliding door lock can be a good idea to give an extra layer of protection.

Spending a few minutes to child proof a hotel room will not only give you more peace of mind, but also allow the child to have a fun experience without the possibility of injury. A few simple steps will help ensure you and your family have a successful hotel stay!

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