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One of the best parts of traveling is getting to meet new people and sharing stories. You get a greater sense of being connected to the world when you bond with a complete stranger.  Everyone should travel and be open to new experiences and meeting new people with a completely different background than your own. When you are open to learning about the life of somebody else, you understand that everybody has their own hardships. And if you are like a lot of people in the world, you want to help and make a difference.

This is where the app Be My Eyes comes in. The app is dedicated to helping the blind and visually impaired with small tasks to make their day easier and more safe. Once you download the app, sign up as a sighted volunteer to receive video calls from somebody in need. The app only lets you receive calls if you are logged in so there is no need to worry about getting a call while busy. Also, each call is made to multiple volunteers simultaneously. The first volunteer that answers will be connected so there is no pressure to constantly watch your phone. If you are lounging on the couch in the evening, there is no downside to having the app open and being ready to help a fellow human. You may never or rarely receive a call but it is always better to not be needed than being needed and not being there.

Simple ideas like this app utilize the world of technology we live in to do something good. Tragic news and hateful people generally get the most attention but there are a lot of good people just waiting to make a difference.

If you know somebody that is visually impaired or blind, let them know that this app exists and there are a lot of willing people ready to help out. If you don’t know somebody that could benefit from the Be My Eyes app, tell all of your friends in case they know somebody that can. Remember we are all in this together. Go to to learn more.

“It’s my hope that by helping each other as an online community, Be My Eyes will make a big difference in the everyday lives of blind people all over the world.”

– Hans Jørgen Wiberg, Founder of Be My Eyes

7 thoughts on “Be My Eyes App – Join the Community

  1. Kingsking says:

    This is really awesome. It’s going to help solved lots of the troubles people that are visually impaired finds themselves. I will have to check to find out if it is also available in Germany. It really pathetic seeing someone that is blind needing help and you are unable to assist maybe because you are in a different couch in at the Station. Whether it is available in Germany or not, I will certainly have it shared among my contacts. Thanks for tha Article

  2. I especially enjoyed the homepage in reference to assisting the Blind; what an awesome app!
    In a previous occupation, I managed a residential unit for people with visual, auditory and behavioural challenges, assisting them to live as independently as possible. Two of them were over 85% visually impaired, so training to learn routes and even to negotiate their own unit (if someone had moved something) was mandatory for new staff. Sad to say, some of the staff were only there for the money (not that it was great!) and this affected their work ethic. Having an app where sighted people choose to help the impaired is such a good idea.
    I really enjoyed that article, thanks.

  3. Tashibaarzu says:

    Thanks for the article and thanks for making the app for helping the blind people.  

    Your article is very much helpful because you have done something extraordinary for visually impaired people. In every path of our life, we see some blind people. Everywhere they are helpless. They took their help from their relatives. But you have given them great news trough the article. Be my eyes app can help them a lot. It is our duty that if we know anyone like that we should help them and we should take them to Be my eyes app. 

    I have no blind relatives. But I have already shared the post with my friends. If I find any blind person I will surely tell them about the app.

  4. Md Millat says:

    Thank you so much for sharing such an excellent article with us. It will help people with eyesight to solve a lot of problems to find themselves. The best part of the journey is meeting new people and sharing stories with them, sharing happiness and sorrow. This app helps closed and vision impaired people make their day easier and more secure. I enjoyed reading your article and found valuable information. I will share your website with my friends so that my social media friends can benefit from receiving this information and assisting people with vision impairments. I will personally assist those who are blind and visually impaired in my surroundings.

  5. sabrinamou says:

    Thank you so much for sharing with us such a beautiful article. I’m glad I found this article. Frankly, I heard the first time about this Be MY Eyes App. After reading your article I know everything about this app. I think there can be no better app to help blind people. It is extremely pitiable seeing somebody that is blind needing help. I must say that your article is very helpful and informative. Will this app available in the whole world? If you don’t mind I want to share this article on my social media and I think if I share your article on my social media everyone will know about it. Thanks.

  6. I think this app is an amazing idea. I never would of thought of doing something like this but I’m glad someone did. I think it was good that they made it so you only receive calls when your logged in. I think having that feature will make the app more appealing to people because they can help people when they have time to. 

  7. There really is a lot of “good” and “helpful” people in the world. One of the reasons why I liked the show Anthony Bourdain Parts Unknown, was because he exposed the common traits people from all over the world have in common with each of us. Unfortunately society today focuses more on the negative and provocative. I really like the premise of the Be My Eyes App. Are the tasks mostly immediate, like reading a bus schedule? Or are they sometimes long term like reading research on the negative effects of a drug?

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