5 Simple Ways to Learn Spanish in 2023

Learning a new language is a goal many wish to accomplish but staying committed to progressing can be quite difficult. Too many times have I started learning a language and thought this is finally the time I am going to do it. But, slowly, daily practice turns into practice every other day which turns into maybe once a week and then…nothing. Consistent practice and learning is a must for meaningful progress. Luckily, the good news is that there is no better time to start again than now, so let’s look at 5 simple ways to learn Spanish in 2023.

1. Spanish Phrase Book

If you have a basic knowledge in how Spanish sentences are constructed and how masculine and feminine nouns are used, you may want to consider purchasing a Spanish phrase book such as this Easy Spanish Phrasebook. This book contains over 1500 common phrases for travel and everyday use. I try to grab my phrasebook daily and flip to a random page. Randomizing the page I read keeps me more interested by switching topics rather than just belaboring one. I think this is a great way to quickly gain practical knowledge rather than learning one word at a time and having to piece together sentences on your own. If you don’t have basic prior knowledge, then combine this option with another option on this list that will give you the basic building blocks of the language and then this will start to give you practical knowledge.

2. Phone Apps

Free language apps, such as Duolingo, are probably one of the first ways people may consider to start learning a new language. Since our cell phones never leave our side, you have the power to learn a new language anywhere you go. My problem with these language apps is not being consistent with my use over longer periods of time. I tend to treat the apps more like a game that I am trying to progress through as fast as I can instead of soaking the lessons in and truly learning the material. Nevertheless, this is such an excellent way to begin learning the language or to sharpen those skills for free. If this is your preferred method, make sure to pace yourself in how many lessons you do at a time and how many times a week you do them.

3. YouTube

Youtube is a simple way to learn spanish.

Similar to phone apps, since we always have our phones with us we have access to unlimited knowledge on YouTube at any time. One of the best parts of learning Spanish on YouTube is that there are so many options for lessons, you can select your lessons based on your current knowledge. You don’t need to start at the very beginning if you have some prior knowledge. Starting with material that may challenge you more could help keep you interested instead of becoming bored with basic lessons and stopping. Another benefit of learning through YouTube is that if a particular channel is not being conducive to your learning style you can always check out other channels that may be more of a benefit to you. You are not just confined to one set of lessons, as you would be if you purchase a language program.

4. Family, Friends or Online Community

Spanish is such a widely spoken language so there is a reasonable chance that a family member or friend is able to speak it. Also, reaching out to family or a friend is a great way to stay connected. I find a hard part of learning Spanish is that native speakers talk fast. Speaking with somebody in a conversational way, even if they aren’t a native speaker, can be very helpful in transitioning basic knowledge into the nuances of speaking conversationally. This may not be the sole method of learning Spanish but it is a great way to supplement learning on your own and then putting that knowledge to the test. If you don’t know any speakers personally there are plenty of online ways to get connected with native speakers. Try MyLanguageExchange.com or Speaky to instantly practice languages with people around the world.

5. Driving

Learning Spanish while in the car might be one of the most convenient ways to learn. If you are having difficulty setting aside time in the morning or evening to learn, then take advantage of the time you have in your vehicle. If it’s a long commute back and forth from work or a quick trip to the store, this is a great opportunity. In addition, if you are driving by yourself this is a great time to practice phrases out loud in repetition. It’s one thing to listen to lessons or play games on an app but saying the phrases out loud will be greatly helpful.

The idea of learning a new language is something many people aim for, but it’s not always easy to stick with it. I’ve experienced it myself – starting off with lots of enthusiasm, thinking this time I’ll really do it. However, over time, the daily practice can slip away, and before you know it, you’re not practicing as much as you planned. The key to making real progress is to keep at it consistently. The good news is that there’s no better time to start over than right now. So, as we find ourselves in 2023, let’s commit to learning Spanish with these simple techniques.

4 thoughts on “5 Simple Ways to Learn Spanish in 2023

  1. Millie "Pioneer Kitty" Zeiler says:

    Today we live in an age where we can learn anything, anywhere, anytime!  I recently took a freelance job to help the Spanish understand English.  As a result, this is teaching me some Spanish I otherwise would never learn.  This is all done through phone apps, YouTube, and direct lines of communication we have with each other.

    My hubby, who is French-Canadian, taught himself English by playing word games, watching television, and listening to music.  Interestingly enough, the French and Spanish languages have much in common.  The Spanish language has much in common with many of the languages of the nations that surround them.  Not only are those 5 simple methods you mention helpful to better understand Spanish, but make it easier to understand other languages that aren’t a far stretch from it.  For people traveling in Europe, this is awesome!

    1. Yes as long as you put in the effort and commit to it, anybody can learn a new language! Thanks for sharing you and your husbands experiences! 

  2. Learning a foreign language can be a very difficult task if you are not consistent. If you are able to practise the language daily it’s easy to pick up. Phone apps will definitely help you, practise makes perfect. Any free time you have you can just pull out your phone and practise. The phone is convinient because we carry it almost everywhere.

    1. Yes it definitely takes lots of practice! Using phone apps are a great way to keep your learning consistent! 

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