Traveling with a Cold

There is not much worse when preparing to leave for a trip than getting the feeling of a cold starting. All of the planning and preparing you have done and now you are thinking you won’t even be able to fully enjoy it. While we wait for science to find a cure to the common cold, all we can do is give our bodies the best chance of kicking the cold fast and get on to enjoying the vacation. Here are a few ways to do just that.

What can we do before we leave?

The last thing you want to do is stress yourself out before you leave. One way to avoid stress right before you leave is to make sure you are packed and ready to go a few days before you actually leave. Taking your time and packing early ensures that you won’t be worried that you have forgotten something. This will allow you to relax the night before and head to bed early.

Drink lots of water. Everybody knows that our bodies need to stay hydrated to fight through a cold. Also, load up on Vitamins C and D and take zinc.

Time to get on the plane.

Just as packing before leaving, ensure that you don’t stress yourself out getting to the airport. Leave with enough time that you can get to your gate and relax before getting on the plane.

Sitting on an airplane with a cold is absolutely no fun. The air will usually be dry so make sure that you are drinking lots of water throughout the flight. Try asking a flight attendant, after they have completed serving everyone, if you could have one of the open bottles of water. They usually are accommodating if you let them know you have a cold.

Grab your favorite neck pillow and whatever you need to fall asleep and rest your body. You may be excited on the plane to get to your destination but your body will thank you for the extra rest.

At your destination

Throughout your trip, make sure to regularly wash your hands and avoid touching your eyes.

Consider cancelling your first days plans to stay in and relax for the day. Cancelling plans will be hard but it might be worth it if you shorten the cold and can enjoy the rest of the days more. If you would rather load up on medication and continue on with your plans, talk to your hotels concierge and see where a good pharmacy is located.

Try sweating it out. There isn’t a lot of science behind this one but people will swear by sweating out a cold. Try going for a run on the beach or going to the gym at your resort. Also, a relaxing spa day, if you are at a resort, will help you out.

None of this information is very revolutionary but it is just something to keep in mind if you are unfortunate enough to get a cold before leaving. The main point is just to relax. Stressing yourself out about having the cold will only make things worse. Make the best of every situation and hopefully you’ll be able to kick the cold in no time.

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