Lotus Travel Crib


Traveling with children poses many challenges, including finding a safe way for your children to sleep. Classic portable cribs are heavy, bulky and take too long to setup. The Lotus Travel Crib is designed to easily be carried through an airport, taken on flights or packed for a road-trip. At 13lbs, the Lotus is over 50% lighter than traditional, raised mattress style portable cribs. Be assured, though, this lighter weight does not sacrifice sturdiness. The aluminum frame and overbuilt hinges will stand up to any toddler and travel use. The Lotus includes a lockable side door that can be used for you to help your little one fall asleep or to turn the travel crib into a crawl-friendly play space. The high quality insulated and waterproof mattress adds comfort and protection for overnight sleep. The Lotus fits into a hands-free backpack to make every trip easier. It is also perfect for those quick visits to family and friends where a crib might not be available!

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