Disposable Bin Bags

The most germ-filled spot in a airport is also the most unavoidable. There is no way to avoid the dreaded TSA security check. Even though the security checkpoint is necessary to keep us safe, it also creates the perfect place to spread germs. You place your most used items in these grey bins – your keys, cellphone, watch, laptop, etc. While most germ-filled places in the airport can be avoided, using the plastic security trays are inevitable. Using hand sanitizer before and after the security checkpoint is excellent idea, but your personal items that you will continue to touch have been in the dirty grey bins. The best way to keep safe is to use disposable bin bags. These plastic covers are made from quality material with an elastic band that will fit any airports bin. Simply throw a few in your pocket for the security checkpoint and you and your families belongs will be kept safe from harmful germs! The low price for a pack of 20 is well worth the investment!

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